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Book Review: Christian Postmodern Critique of Markets

Critics of capitalism or markets are not too difficult to find.  They come mainly from the ideological Left, but some also come from what appears to be a non-Leftist position of postmodernism.  I actually believe most postmoderns lean Left, some violently, but for now I will let that go.  Finally I have found a fairly good representative work that criticizes markets combining Christianity with postmodern thought.  It is worth it for the Bereans readers to know the anti-market arguments and… Continue Reading ››

Book Review on the Industrial Revolution

It has been a long time since I have written anything on books I am reading.  I think I have a winner in a relatively new book by Joel Mokyr entitled The Enlightened Economy: Britain and the Industrial Revolution, 1700-1850, published by Penguin Books and Yale University in 2011 and 2009.  Now I know the title must make it sound as if the book is dry as dust.  Surprisingly, for a book of 564 pages, it is pretty lively.  But… Continue Reading ››

The Social Justice Crowd Part Two

I was happy to see some response to my earlier blog on the “Social Justice Crowd.”  Here I would like to offer some clarifications and responses to the responses.   Let me say first that Bert Wheeler gave an excellent rejoinder regarding one of the major benefits of enterprises such as Walmart:  It substantially increases the well-being of many people who otherwise would be unable to afford certain goods.  Jonathan also raised some important questions which I will address. Jonathan questions… Continue Reading ››

Capitalism and the Common Good

In a September 5, 2014 article “Capitalism and the Common Good” published in Christianity Today, Kevin Brown used the Institute for Faith Work & Economics (IFWE) “I, Smartphone” video and the “conflict mineral” coltan to introduce his topic. Brown is a supporter of the market system.  He eloquently provides a utilitarian defense of markets. “Markets have enabled progress and prosperity far beyond what anyone even a century ago could have imagined. Productivity per person, an enhanced standard of living, and the incentive for innovation… Continue Reading ››

Let’s Get Ethical

This blog is a supplement to my colleague Jeff Haymond’s very informative blog of July 26 entitled “Turning to the Left….” I wanted to add a further ethical dimension to the discussion of income inequality which Jeff was addressing with regard to recent comments by Thomas Ricks at Politico. Jeff’s comments are worth reproducing in full below: There is one aspect of income inequality in which Ricks is right (but leads to the exact opposite conclusion), yet the other is… Continue Reading ››

Warning: Arcane Book Review of Work on the Nineteenth Century Economic Thought of Evangelicals

I just finished a very interesting, but somewhat difficult, book on the economic thought of Evangelicals in Great Britain between around 1790 and 1880.  Sounds really boring?  Well, it was a little bit of slogging at times, but it was worth it.  The author is Boyd Hilton, the title is The Age of Atonement:  The Influence of Evangelicalism on Social and Economic Thought, 1785-1865 (Clarendon Press, 1986).  So why in the world am I blogging about an almost 30 year… Continue Reading ››

Shot In the Foot?

Free-trade between individuals and nations is the backbone of economic growth. The more trade we have and the wider the markets for that trade, the more we will be able to develop and utilize productivity enhancing technological changes that further spur the economic engine. An article in the February 22 edition of The Economist: “How to make the world 600 billion poorer” points to the failing of the Obama Administration to finalize two very important trade deals. If he cannot… Continue Reading ››