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Some News of the Day/Week

The following is just a little briefing that focuses our attention on some important recent issues (or at least what I think is interesting): Full disclosure: I am not a prolific user of social media, and I sometimes look down (secretly) on those who are—maybe I am really just jealous and I certainly am technologically challenged.  But I do on occasion use Facebook—but I do not tweet, as that seems like I should be chirping.  Still, I read with some… Continue Reading ››

Terrorism and the West: Does the Will Exist to Address It?

In the aftermath of the latest terrorist attack in Belgium, it is time to evaluate several things.  One is the question of how this attack occurred in the first place.  The second concerns the will of European nations to deal with terrorism and especially the source of it.  Finally, it is also a fair question to ask regarding President  Obama’s commitment to, or even interest in, the terrorism issue. The first question about Belgium itself I believe is linked to… Continue Reading ››

A New Paradigm for Addressing Poverty

Is there a “poverty industry”?  Is the way we attempt to alleviate poverty wrong, outdated, even harmful?  These are two questions the new documentary Poverty, Inc.  attempts to address.  I had the opportunity to host a screening this video documentary at Cedarville University, sponsored by the Department of History and Government and the Institute for Faith, Work and Economics a few days ago before over 160 students and faculty.  It runs about 90 minutes and consists of narration, interviews with… Continue Reading ››

Refugees, Religion and Revolution

First, I want to wish a blessed Thanksgiving to all. My Berean colleague Mark Smith wrote a very good blog addressing the response of the West and Christians to refugees in light of the Paris attacks of last week.  I would like to extend the discussion to address how the West, including the United States government, ought to respond to the terrorist problem posed by some of those refugees and mainly from ISIS/ISIL/Daesh (from whom the Paris attackers came it… Continue Reading ››

The Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement

This short blog is just a follow-up to my colleague Jeff Haymond’s blog on the trade agreement before Congress now.  Dr. Haymond defended the agreement on the correct grounds that it enhanced free trade and that free trade is good for everyone, at least in the longer run (and given some short-run and inevitable disruptions).  I fully agree with him, but in recent weeks I have had increasing concerns. 1.  Why is the agreement being kept secret? 2.  Why should… Continue Reading ››

The Ghost of Woodrow Wilson Lives in TSA/FBI/CIA/DHS

Well, in the last two days much has come to light about what the government has been doing, supposedly in the cause of protecting us from terrorism.  Some we already knew, for example the fact that agencies were collecting and storing bulk phone data.  But we did not know the FBI has been using over 100 small planes under fictitious company names to watch what is happening from the air in over 50 cities.  This too is justified in the… Continue Reading ››

Bibi’s Churchill to Obama’s Chamberlain? Let’s Hope Not

I appreciate Marc Clauson’s take on P.M. Netanyahu’s speech to Congress. Let me add just a couple of quick notes. Netanyahu reminded me of Churchill, which makes Obama too much like Chamberlain. Winston Churchill, as a Member of Parliament before World War 2, thundered in the House of Commons about Hitler’s intentions. He warned the people, and their elected officials, of the impending devastation. Neville Chamberlain was Prime Minister during those dark years. He was convinced that Hitler could be… Continue Reading ››

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s Speech

I hope many of your were able to listen to Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech today before a joint meeting of Congress.  I also hope my Berean colleagues will weigh in with their comments on the speech and the context for it.  As you may know, Prime Minister Netanyahu was invited by Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner to speak to that body.  President Obama was almost immediately and vehemently opposed to the Prime Minister’s coming and speech.  About 50… Continue Reading ››

When are Non-Terrorists Terrorists

It has been reported that the Department of Homeland Security issued a paper urging its employees to be on the look-out for “right-wing extremists (Washington Times, February 21, 2015).  CNN, which originally mentioned the report, quoted an administration official: “’I don’t think it’s fair to say the (White House) conference didn’t address this at all,” an administration official said, adding that the president addresses the need to combat “violent ideologies” of all types,’ CNN reported.”  Apparently, the Obama administration believes domestic right-wing… Continue Reading ››

“Don’t Know Much About History”

I didn’t know until today of a further statement President Obama made in his closing remarks at the Anti-Terrorism summit.  This particular remark is simply unbelievable from a historical standpoint.  Does the president not care at all to tell the whole truth, or any truth for that matter?  Does he, as one writer put it, love America not for what it is, but only for what it (in his utopian vision) can be?  And will he do and say anything… Continue Reading ››