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Why Bereans are not Republicans or Democrats–another story of Political Cronyism

It is easy to pick on the Democrats these days from a Christian Political Economy perspective, after all, virtually every social policy they pursue is unbiblical and their economics is pure quackery.  Is quackery too strong a word?  Perhaps, but while paying lip service to the 2nd Law of Economics (Incentives Matter!), their policy prescriptions fail to acknowledge this basic economic truth.  So we have calls for increasing minimum wage to cure income inequality, higher taxes to support the welfare… Continue Reading ››

The Fourth Branch and the Bible: An Odd Couple Part One: The Basics

I hope everyone is still following the various “scandals” (I want to be sensitive to the liberals, who deny any scandals) continuing to unfold, or just plain continuing: IRS, VA, illegals at the border, EPA efforts, the HHS Obamacare mess, etc. If you keep up with things like this, have you noticed how many involve the shenanigans of large bureaucratic Federal agencies? So, is the Federal bureaucracy the “Fourth Branch” of government? Some used to say the Fourth Branch was… Continue Reading ››

Supreme Court Sides With Hobby Lobby

Today, the United States Supreme Court handed down a significant religious liberty decision. In Health and Human Services v. Hobby Lobby, the Court sided with Hobby Lobby, ruling, in essence, that the federal government cannot force closely held corporations to provide health plans that include contraceptives that might induce abortions. These health plans are required, of course, by the Affordable Care Act, which compels companies of a particular size to furnish health care for employees or to pay significant fines.… Continue Reading ››