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More on Higher Education–The “Secularization” Problem.

Despite the temptation to address President Obama’s most recent foray into higher education–which, by the way, if implemented by Congress, would only drive up costs more and eviscerate much of what is left that works–I will examine a different issue, one that for Christians poses an even bigger problem in the long run.  It goes by the name of secularization.  The word is very old and has to do with the world.  It wasn’t always used in a negative sense,… Continue Reading ››

Whatever Happened to Higher Education?

When I began my college education in 1974, my perception was that things were pretty simple.  You (the student) went to class, listened to your professor and took notes, did the assigned reading, studied for quizzes and exams and, Lord willing and you behaving properly, you graduated not only with a degree but with some useful knowledge.  College administrations also understood the role of the college.  Their job was to impart knowledge that would improve human flourishing at various levels.… Continue Reading ››

Kagan and the Demise of Democracy

Donald Kagan, a history professor, gave a “farewell lecture” at Yale University last week and made the statement “Democracy may have had its day.” Dr. Kagan is not one to shy away from controversy and has often raised the ire of his colleagues through his public statements and actions. By way of explanation, he argued that universities “are failing students and hurting American democracy. Curricula are ‘individualized, unfocused and scattered.’ On campus, he said, ‘I find a kind of cultural… Continue Reading ››

Addendum to Mark Smith’s Post on General Education

I keep getting side-tracked by the interesting posts and articles either written by my colleaugues or mentioned by them.  I was reading the Hepner article mentioned by Mark Smith when I was “inspired” to post a blog, only to find Mark had beaten me.  Ah, but only for a time.  Let me say first that I agree with what Mark wrote and I only intend to supplement it.  I have had students and advisees who have had exactly the same… Continue Reading ››

Educating for a Lifetime or Training for a Job?

This question is at the heart of Michael Hepner’s recent article over at RealClearPolitics. Hepner, a professor at the University of Dubuque, argues that we are failing our students and depriving them of a sound education when we allow them to ignore or skip over their general education requirements and focus on their major courses that are designed for job preparation. Hepner’s argument is hard to swallow for those who see education primarily in occupational terms. After all, what good… Continue Reading ››