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Obama budget, Stimulus vs. Austerity, Friday’s unemployment #s and more

Rather than a single subject today, I’d like to offer some quick thoughts on several recent economic events and get your feedback on what you’d like to hear more about.  Post in the comments if you’d like more details. First up, we are told we will finally have a budget submitted by the President this week, which is over two months late.  Mr. Obama will propose a “fiscally responsible” budget, which will  ‘My budget will reduce our deficits – not… Continue Reading ››

Economic Freedom in the 50 States

Arthur Laffer and Stephen Moore published a very interesting editorial in today’s Wall Street Journal. The editorial highlights the fact that states which have more economic freedom are more prosperous than states with less economic freedom. States with lower taxes and less onerous regulations provide a better environment for entrepreneurship. This relatively rich economic soil attracts new business and lays the foundation for continued economic achievement. Economic growth is the pathway to prosperity and away from poverty. Also today, the… Continue Reading ››

Business Investment Up while Consumer Confidence is Down?

Good news about economic growth? While consumer confidence took a nosedive in March thanks largely to continued fiscal uncertainty focused on the sequester, business investment is up in the first quarter of 2013. Although uncertainty over the fiscal sanity of our politicians and unease about the global economy are still very real, some US firms are investing in physical capital and increasing production. Economist’s predictions for economic growth are much more optimistic this month than last. The fact that we… Continue Reading ››