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My Trumpotheses

I have waged an extraordinarily minor campaign against Donald Trump as a nominee and as a candidate. I say “waged” very loosely, because I did not make it a point to oppose him, but I honestly believed a Trump presidency would be disastrous. I was troubled by his character, inexperience, temperament, and policies. As an evangelical, I feared the impact our public association with Trump (more than 80% of evangelicals appeared to have voted for him) would have on our… Continue Reading ››

What Do We Do?

The historic election is over; President-elect Trump gave his acceptance speech just before 3 AM Eastern time this morning. Some United States citizens are elated over the prospect of Trump’s presidency and some are downcast at the collapse of our government. Many of us are somewhere in between. What do we do? The smoke has cleared. The election is over. What do we do? I recall being distraught when President Clinton was elected in 1992. I don’t remember exactly what I… Continue Reading ››

Why? And What Now?

At about 3 AM last night we were informed that Donald Trump would be our 45th president.  My daughter photographed the screen and we all went to bed.  But now the next phase in all this process begins: governance–which is very different from winning a campaign.  Before I get to that, let me say a few words about why I thought this might well occur.  I am not a professional pollster–right now, that is a really good thing, as I… Continue Reading ››

The GOP & Trump’s Unwieldy Coalition

In his brief, first appearance as President-Elect, Donald J. Trump struck a magnanimous tone. He praised Hillary Clinton’s both for her service to our country and for a hard-fought campaign. Trump was gracious. In his remarks, Trump also referenced some policy possibilities. He called on America to “rebuild” our schools, highways, tunnels, bridges, airports, and hospitals. Though it is merely a glimpse, Trump’s words highlight the strain his winning coalition will face. The data have yet to speak, and, of… Continue Reading ››

Happy Election Day! Now Please Vote.

Happy Election Day!  For Americans in general this day is an opportunity for us as citizens of a republic to express our consent to both our political leaders and their policies.  The United States was the first true constitutional republic in history, though we see some parallels in seventeenth century Holland, and a few of the northern Italian city-states in the late Middle Ages.  However these examples differed in that they had no written and enforceable fundamental law, or constitution,… Continue Reading ››

Election 2016: Where Does the Race Stand?

We are on the precipice of history. Unless something truly odd happens–but hasn’t the whole race been odd?–Nov. 9th will bring radical change to the United States. We will wake up with either our first female president, one who limps into office under the specter of an FBI investigation, or we will welcome into the Oval Office a man with no prior political, military, or diplomatic experience, a man who threatens systemic change of all sorts. So, what is happening… Continue Reading ››

Pence Video is Troubling

Blasphemous or Noble? Defensible or Disturbing? The RNC produced the above video, especially for churches, with hopes it would be played on Sunday, two days before the presidential election. Gov. Mike Pence, the GOP VP candidate, and the only speaker, closes with a quotation of 2 Chronicles 7:14: “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I… Continue Reading ››

Victory is at hand in this election. Will we grab it?

The nightmare is almost over, and then it will really begin.  Absent a miracle, either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be our President.  We’ve wrestled with our choices, and most of us will hold our nose tightly and do something, albeit some think doing nothing is a principled response.  We’ve debated, discussed, commiserated and condemned.  And after all that venting, it still doesn’t make us feel any better.  So what do we do when our worst fears are realized… Continue Reading ››

What is Comey Doing?

James Comey’s decision to reopen the investigation against Sec. Hillary Clinton has caused an immense amount of conjecture.  His initial, rather confusing, statements about Sec. Clinton after the first investigation that she had been wreckless, dishonest, and at the very least violated policy related to the handling of classified documents ended with a recommendation that she not be indicted.   Attorney General Loretta Lynch was undoubtedly all too happy to receive the news, but Comey’s comments hinged on what he said… Continue Reading ››

Candidates: Step Down; Voters: Step Up

Republicans from George Pataki to sitting members of Congress to theologian Wayne Grudem have called for Donald Trump to step down as GOP presidential candidate in recent weeks.  Now, the tables have turned.  The recent announcement by FBI director, Jim Comey to reopen the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email improprieties has led to calls for her to step down as Democratic Presidential nominee.  Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, retired chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency, John Kass in an editorial for… Continue Reading ››