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Head ’em Up, Move ’em Out

The Cliven Bundy-Bureau of Land Management “range wars” have been all over the news lately—well, all over many news outlets.  Even Harry Reid finally spoke up, and, as he usually does, in an obsequious manner and with such exquisite irony (which he probably didn’t catch).  I now feel compelled to weigh in.  The conservative news media is divided over old Clive.  Some have praised him, while minimizing talk about violations of law, while others have said he doesn’t have a… Continue Reading ››

Mission Creep: A Lot Like Kudzu

If you have lived in or visited the South, you know about Kudzu, the weed that spreads along the ground in a most amazing way, the weed that never dies, or so it seems..  If it is not stopped in some way or other it continues to spread inexorably.  It is hearty and doesn’t require any intervention at all to make it grow.  It grows naturally all by itself,  The problem is not how to get it to grow, but… Continue Reading ››

The Tax Man Cometh

The monster that never sleeps—the Internal Revenue Service.  I am reminded of the phrase in Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan, written in 1651, which speaks of government as being “that mortal God.”  Its purpose for Hobbes was to “overawe” everyone and bring order.  Well, it looks as if we have a different kind of “mortal God,” one that definitely is not being used just to overawe everyone, but to overawe certain citizens and certain groups who aren’t on the “right side” politically.… Continue Reading ››

Hello, I Am With the Bureaucracy and I’m Here to Help You

In my last post, I was critical of over-bureaucratization in higher education.  In this post I am focusing on government abuses, and I just happen to have examples from the local, state and national levels.  Such a fortuitous turn of events—I say that tongue in cheek of course.  The local absurdity concerns a high school girl sent to wait in frigid weather with only her bathing suit on, due to a fire alarm quickly determined not to be a fire… Continue Reading ››