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A “Sider” Sandwich

I was sitting in my office yesterday struggling to stay awake while I prepared a class on international balance of payments. I glanced over at my bookcase and saw this “Sider” sandwich. Ron Sider’s 1977 classic title: Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger (this particular copy is the 1984 second edition) was wedged in between two copies of the Independent Review. I thought “what an apt illustration for one error we frequently encounter when interpreting the Bible.” The error… Continue Reading ››

Mr. Rattner’s “Modest” Proposal

In a recent New York Times article, Stephen Rattner made the rather remarkable argument, when boiled down,  that two pending Federal cases brought by corporations and shareholders affected by the 2008 bailout, intended ostensibly to address the 2008 recession, ought to be decided on the basis of the litigants wealth, not by the normal rule of law standard.  Let’s look at the facts, keeping in mind that there are currently laws that do actually prescribe procedures for dealing with situations… Continue Reading ››

My Perspective on the Culture Wars

On October 16 my esteemed colleague at Bereans at the Gate, Mark Caleb Smith (a.k.a. Doc Bow-tie) posted on his battle against culture wars. He doesn’t want to engage in culture wars as much as “fight against those who wish to fight them”. I am in substantial agreement with Dr. Smith’s comments on this issue. I would like to spend a few moments discussing not so much “cultural wars” themselves as the use of military metaphors by the church today. I… Continue Reading ››

Biblical Integration: The Way Forward

I once again apologize for the length of this blog, but I considered the topic too important and complex to be dealt with superficially.  So please indulge me in this discussion of biblical integration and forgive any ramblings that may appear. There seems to be some confusion these days about some aspects of what we call a “Christian worldview.”  The subject is often also associated with that of the term “integration” of faith with knowledge.  My perception is that there… Continue Reading ››

Answering the Fool

“Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest you be like him yourself. Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own eyes.” (Proverbs 26:4-5) In a recent editorial tirade published in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Ivy League professor Peter Conn warned of the danger to “skeptical and unfettered inquiry” occurring at “intellectually compromised institutions” that “erect religious tests for truth” and “draw lines around what is regarded as acceptable teaching and research.”… Continue Reading ››

Let’s Get Ethical

This blog is a supplement to my colleague Jeff Haymond’s very informative blog of July 26 entitled “Turning to the Left….” I wanted to add a further ethical dimension to the discussion of income inequality which Jeff was addressing with regard to recent comments by Thomas Ricks at Politico. Jeff’s comments are worth reproducing in full below: There is one aspect of income inequality in which Ricks is right (but leads to the exact opposite conclusion), yet the other is… Continue Reading ››

Warning: Arcane Book Review of Work on the Nineteenth Century Economic Thought of Evangelicals

I just finished a very interesting, but somewhat difficult, book on the economic thought of Evangelicals in Great Britain between around 1790 and 1880.  Sounds really boring?  Well, it was a little bit of slogging at times, but it was worth it.  The author is Boyd Hilton, the title is The Age of Atonement:  The Influence of Evangelicalism on Social and Economic Thought, 1785-1865 (Clarendon Press, 1986).  So why in the world am I blogging about an almost 30 year… Continue Reading ››

Follow-Up on Bryan College–And for All Christian Colleges and Schools

It looks like Bryan College is in the news again, this time in an article of May 20 in the New York Times.  Congratulations Bryan.  You now have equaled Cedarville University for the number of times you have been in the “Gray Lady.”  But to the serious issues raised.  Again, the hubub centers on the clarification (or, as the opponents call it, the addition) to the college’s doctrinal statement concerning creation. The Times quotes the entire section, then mentions the… Continue Reading ››

“We Don’t Need No Education. Teacher Leave them Kids Alone.”

I am a bit torn as to what to write about today, there are so many interesting and important subjects.  But I dedicate this day to all of the “sister” schools of Cedarville University, especially Bryan College in Tennessee.  If they care to read I would also dedicate this blog (to modify a phrase used by Friedrich Hayek in his 1944 book, The Road to Serfdom) to “all the liberals of the world,” Christian and non-Christian.  It seems that the… Continue Reading ››

Faith may be in action, but is the mind of Christ? Social gospel left demands higher taxes in Illinois

Pity the poor people of Illinois.  They have perhaps the worst government policies in the nation, and have less than 43 cents on the dollar funded of their pension liabilities for the large public sector.  The state settled with the SEC in March after it was charged with securities violations in fraudulent reporting of its pension liabilities.   The state Democratic machine seems unable to fix the problem, After lawmakers adjourned in May without fixing the problem, the state’s credit rating… Continue Reading ››