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The “Reality Crisis” and the Christian

I am going to make an argument here that we have now as a society encountered—for perhaps the first time in history—an “ontological crisis.”  What do I mean?  I mean a crisis about reality.  Now I don’t believe this crisis is particularly influential for most ordinary people, nor for most subjects of investigation.  A philosopher once said about George Berkeley’s idealism that he (Berkeley) should go out and “kick a stone” if he was a little skeptical of reality (by… Continue Reading ››

Papal Platitudes, Global Warming and the New Encyclical: Part One

Pope Francis issued his long-awaited encyclical today, entitled, Ladato Si or “Praise to You [O Lord].”  The 183 page document is concerned with the environment and more specifically with global climate change.  I am in the process of making my way through it, but have a few initial comments get things going.  First, the Pope rightly states that theology is crucial to thinking about economics and the environment.  We Protestants might say Scripture is particularly crucial, though many also recognize… Continue Reading ››

The Catholic Church and the Pope on Politics and Economics: A Threat?

It began when the current Pope, Francis, succeeded Benedict XVI and proceeded to issue an encyclical dealing with economics.  Many at the time defended him and argued that he could be interpreted in such a way as not to be overly critical of markets and capitalism.  But Francis seems to have continued down an interesting road.  He is from Argentina, known to produce churchmen at least sympathetic to Liberation Theology (Christianity combined with Marxism).  He himself already had a record… Continue Reading ››

Bruce Jenner and the Radical LGBT Movement

I caught a snippet of former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner’s interview about his transgender journey—not to mention its exaltation by the networks, even ESPN.  One thing Jenner said however, I did appreciate.  He said that he and anyone else ought to have the right to pursue their goals (a paraphrase) as they choose.  He apparently supports genuine toleration.  We haven’t seen that much lately.  I certainly do not support his decision (and it was a decision to go with his… Continue Reading ››

Book Review: Christian Postmodern Critique of Markets

Critics of capitalism or markets are not too difficult to find.  They come mainly from the ideological Left, but some also come from what appears to be a non-Leftist position of postmodernism.  I actually believe most postmoderns lean Left, some violently, but for now I will let that go.  Finally I have found a fairly good representative work that criticizes markets combining Christianity with postmodern thought.  It is worth it for the Bereans readers to know the anti-market arguments and… Continue Reading ››

The Summit That Was Not

I listened to part of President Obama’s closing speech at the “Anti-extremism Summit” today.  And I have read what his associates have said about terrorism, particularly in the context of the ISIS threat.  I have reached a conclusion about the president, after hearing and reading his words.  But first, what did he say today (February 19, 2015 and in days prior)?  He said first that terrorism is not real Islam, not “representative of Islam.”  He said (and others like Secretary… Continue Reading ››

Did He Really Say That?

Have we come to this point in our culture or is this just an “outlier”?  Yesterday, Representative Elijah Cummings (D-Md) made the following statement in a speech to Federal union members: “People do not seem to understand that so many people come to government knowing that they are not going to make the kind of money that they would make in the private sector but they come to government to feed their souls.” In the nineteenth century and into part… Continue Reading ››

Hat tip to Foundation for Economic Education: Combatting false narratives on the Progressive Jesus

Its rare when secular websites wade into the faith and economics waters, but the President of the Foundation for Economic Education, Larry Reed, does a fine job here. As Reed argues, The fact is, one can scour the Scriptures with a fine-tooth comb and find nary a word from Christ that endorses the forcible redistribution of wealth by political authorities. None, period. You should read it all, but here are the salient conclusions: Summary Free will, not coercion, is a… Continue Reading ››

Are Terrorists Islamic?

I just finished reading part of a transcript from an interview on MSNBC this morning of Howard Dean, former governor of Vermont, and reliable liberal.  The topic was the massacre of twelve employees of a Paris magazine that had spoofed the prophet Muhammed with a cartoon picture with caption.  All I can say is, “Wow!”  I was simply flabbergasted.  Here is part of what Dean said about the terrorist who committed this outrageous act: “You know, this is a chronic… Continue Reading ››

Big Jets, Envy and Christian Responses

It looks like the media are again raising the specter of inequality.  The New York Times, whom no one would confuse with a conservative newspaper, in a November 15, 2014 article, now seems to be lamenting the fact that some “super rich” people are purchasing bigger private jets, “leaving behind” the mere wealthy.  I didn’t see Thomas Piketty’s name mentioned in the article, but his presence was felt.  Piketty is now famous for writing a very big book entitled Capital… Continue Reading ››