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Deconstructing the “De-growth” Movement

Tom Rogan in the Washington Examiner wrote a very interesting piece on the new expression of an old idea–”degrowth.”  (see  He leads with these words: “Even the Soviets sought to maximize economic output. But today’s contemporary far-left are far bolder: they believe that economics itself is wrong.”  He writes further, “From their perspective, government shouldn’t simply control the means of economic production (socialism), it should actively work to reduce gross domestic product (GDP).”  Yes, you read that correctly.  The… Continue Reading ››

Sharia Law Protests: The Truth About Sharia

It has been reported that today (June 19m 2017) has been set aside for protests around the nation against Sharia law, the legal system used in most Muslim countries to a greater or lesser extent.  The principles for Sharia are derived from both the Quran and Hadith, the alleged sayings of Muhammed and have been more or less systematized into various schools of legal thought (five to be precise), all having significant overlap.  There are a number of groups today… Continue Reading ››

Are all sins the same?

And if not, are there any implications for us in a political economy blog?  Michael Kruger over at The Gospel Coalition asks the question of whether all sins are the same, and answers no.  He notes that both people who take sin serious and those that don’t can come to this conclusion.  For the person who takes sin serious, some Christians use this phrase to uphold the seriousness of sin. It is viewed as a way to remind people not to… Continue Reading ››

The Real Battle

The revelation about Donald Trump’s vulgar and pretty ugly statements about women has certainly generated heated discussion.  I am not here to either defend his statements or to persuade anyone to vote for him.  I will merely state the obvious:  Christian voters find themselves in quite a quandary.  On the one hand, I am convinced we have a duty to participate in our government as God has sovereignly allowed us, including voting.  It is a part of our vocation as… Continue Reading ››

Radical Liberal Elites and Their Ethical Downfall

It has been pointed out by historians and journalists that political campaigns have always been a little bit or a lot vicious, with a good deal of “over the top” rhetoric.  Witness the Adams-Jefferson campaign of 1800.  It was pretty overheated on both sides.  But I see something different at work now among liberals, or, I should say, more strident liberals.  I am not necessarily painting all Democrats as liberals of that sort, though I do perceive a general drift… Continue Reading ››

Christian Integration of Faith and Worldview, Part 3

This is the third and last (some are saying “how long O Lord”) of a series of blogs on Christian worldview.  I defined what is meant by worldview, by integration of worldview in academic disciplines, the role of presuppositions as a starting point, the elements of any worldview and the issues of the relationship of general to special revelation as well as interpretation of Scripture.  Here I will continue my brief expansion of the elements of an explicitly Christian worldview,… Continue Reading ››

Falwell Trumps the Pope

It is simply too easy with a name like “Trump” when writing titles or headlines.  I am sure the late night talk show hosts are having a field day.  So, forgive my failure to resist the easy pun in titling this post.  The reality is, there is nothing very funny in the topic which I intend to address. Recently, Pope Francis entered the American political fray in response to a reporter’s question about Donald Trump’s position on immigration.  The Pope… Continue Reading ››

Where there is no Vision, the people perish. Implications for Christian Political Economy

Many of us have heard the Proverb 29:18 in the form of “where there is no vision, the people perish.”  It is often used to suggest that without visionaries we can’t move forward.  Politicians, both left and right, suggest this means we need to have their policies put forward to guarantee our future–since obviously they have the best “vision.”  As Republican Congressman Lamar Smith says, Inscribed on the wall of the Science, Space, and Technology Committee hearing room is the… Continue Reading ››

“Christian America,” Secular America or a Third Way?

I hate to so severely disagree with an otherwise insightful Christian writer, but I am forced to take issue forcefully with an article by Cal Thomas, a syndicated columnist, and a long-respected Christian cultural critic, in a Fox News Online Opinion column of September  11, 2015, entitled “America has never been a ‘Christian’ nation. Kim Davis picked the wrong issue.”  I do agree that America was not founded explicitly as, nor has it explicitly been, a “Christian nation.  In other… Continue Reading ››

Part Two: Pope Francis Encyclical on Climate Change

This is Part Two of my long blog concerning Pope Francis’s global climate change (and generally environmental and poverty focused) encyclical Laudato Si, issued last Thursday.  I am a little to sorry to say this part will be at least as long as the first, but look at this way:  You could read the full encyclical.  The document runs to 183 pages and as I read it, I found it to be somewhat rambling.  Beyond that, I am afraid the… Continue Reading ››