Bereans Partner with Foundation for Economic Education 10-13 July

to educate high school students on the morality of free markets.  Please get the word out to students that you know of that could benefit from this program, 10-13 July right here at Cedarville University.  Each of your Bereans will have a speaking role to show the intersection between a biblical worldview and free markets.

We’ll also be joined by Brian Brenberg from The Kings College, Larry Reed, the President of the Foundation for Economic Education, as well as Cal Beisner, the leader of the Cornwall Alliance.

The cost is modest, and the fellowship promises to be good.  I mean, what could be a better time than hanging out in the summer with the Bereans and talking about free markets and Christian faith!?


5 thoughts on “Bereans Partner with Foundation for Economic Education 10-13 July”

  1. Biblical integration at its worst: using the Bible to support something that humans came up with on our own.

    FEE was founded as a libertarian organization and is NOT a Christian organization. Indeed, FEE from its earliest days promoted the views of Ayn Rand, whose views can safely be classified as anti-Christian.

    It is disgusting how Christians sometimes treat the gospel so shoddily in order to support something that has just about nothing to do with our calling.

  2. Jeff, does it make you feel better to vent your anti CU feelings out every once in a while?

    You’re also playing with words. The gospel, specifically, is about Christ coming and dying for our sins. This is not treating the gospel shoddily. What this is is using Biblical principles to form a foundation of thought on various matters. Of course one of your common attacks is “the Bible doesn’t say anything about ‘fill in the blank'” or “the Bible is silent on the issue.” The Bible doesn’t have to specifically say, “free markets are the most correct” to be able to draw principles in that regard. Of course you won’t listen to anything I say so it would be a waste of time to write 5 paragraphs explaining it. All you’d do is single out the one line from all I’d write that you feel is the most vulnerable to your attack, twist my words if necessary, and lash out, ignoring the entirety of the rest of my response.

    Until you know what each speaker is specifically speaking on, don’t start making ad-hominem attacks trying to discredit the whole program by attacking one specific guest. You are the one treating the Bible shoddily by saying that it can’t be studied to form thoughts and opinions for modern issues. I challenge you to show any inkling of a hint that the Bereans are claiming you have to believe in free markets to be a Christian. Because that’s what they’d have to be doing to be treating the gospel shoddily.

    1. This is for HS students, but I’m sure we’ll have a few college students helping out. If interested let me know offline.

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