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Racism, Confederate Statues, and History

Racism: The gathering of white supremacists and KKK members in Charlottesville last weekend was reprehensible.  The racism that was clearly being expressed should not be tolerated. The violence that ensued, particularly the person who drove his car into a crowd of protesters, is not an acceptable form of expression in our society.  As Americans, we find ourselves in a difficult situation.  While we as a society have determined that racism is evil, and governing documents and law prevent racist actions,… Continue Reading ››

The Liberal Arts in the Christian Context

Leland Ryken, Professor of English Emeritus at Wheaton College, has a fine track record of scholarship over a career that began in 1968.  He has written thoughtfully about integration in his field, among other topics, but in particular I encourage you to focus on his well known essay entitled “The Student’s Calling.”  In it he provides a biblical understanding of the call on students during their college years.  He also erases the lines we too often draw between those vocations… Continue Reading ››


That has been my reaction several times in the last two days.  The first was when I turned on the television for the first time Tuesday midway through the evening and heard that Ohio had gone for Trump by double digits.  Wait…what!?!  I thought to myself.  The final vote was under 10% but that was still a surprising margin.  Ohio was going to be close we were all told.  I went to bed not knowing what the outcome would be. … Continue Reading ››

What is Comey Doing?

James Comey’s decision to reopen the investigation against Sec. Hillary Clinton has caused an immense amount of conjecture.  His initial, rather confusing, statements about Sec. Clinton after the first investigation that she had been wreckless, dishonest, and at the very least violated policy related to the handling of classified documents ended with a recommendation that she not be indicted.   Attorney General Loretta Lynch was undoubtedly all too happy to receive the news, but Comey’s comments hinged on what he said… Continue Reading ››

Candidates: Step Down; Voters: Step Up

Republicans from George Pataki to sitting members of Congress to theologian Wayne Grudem have called for Donald Trump to step down as GOP presidential candidate in recent weeks.  Now, the tables have turned.  The recent announcement by FBI director, Jim Comey to reopen the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email improprieties has led to calls for her to step down as Democratic Presidential nominee.  Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, retired chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency, John Kass in an editorial for… Continue Reading ››

To Vote, or Not to Vote

Evangelicals Disagree President Franklin D. Roosevelt is reported to have said, “Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting.”  I agree.  I also agree that the upcoming presidential election presents one of the most difficult choices for American voters in history.  With that understanding, I have seen many Christians struggling with what to do on November 8th.  Even on this… Continue Reading ››

Rule of Man: Addendum

Earlier in the week I wrote a post about the decline of the rule of law and increase in the rule of man in the United States’ governing structure.  I would like to continue that thought as it related to the individual human being.  Question:  Why is the rule of law so important?  Answer:  Because of the nature of man. The Founding Generation of this country understood the threat that the rule of man was.  I refer to the whole… Continue Reading ››

Rule of Man

The recent decision by FBI Director James B. Comey recommending against charging Sec. Hillary Clinton for violations of the law while she served as Secretary of State under President Barak Obama, calls into question the rule of law in this country.   Our country was founded on the concept of rule of law.  Our mother country, Great Britain, had come a long way by 1776 in the development of the rule of law. In 1215, King John agreed to the Magna… Continue Reading ››

Falwell Trumps the Pope

It is simply too easy with a name like “Trump” when writing titles or headlines.  I am sure the late night talk show hosts are having a field day.  So, forgive my failure to resist the easy pun in titling this post.  The reality is, there is nothing very funny in the topic which I intend to address. Recently, Pope Francis entered the American political fray in response to a reporter’s question about Donald Trump’s position on immigration.  The Pope… Continue Reading ››

President Obama and Executive Power

In 1932 Franklin D. Roosevelt defeated Herbert Hoover for the presidency of the United States.  In his campaign, he had promised American voters a “New Deal.”  Little known to most Americans today, Hoover had prepared the way for Roosevelt’s New Deal with several initiatives like the Reconstruction Finance Corporation and public works like the Boulder Dam.  Roosevelt, however, would take these precedents and expand them to the extreme.  During his first 100 days in office, Congress passed everything he wanted… Continue Reading ››