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Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of the Center for Political Studies at Cedarville University.

Gender Neutral Housing at Yale University

One of the great fallacies of our age is the malleability of human nature. There are some constants that persist regardless of our best efforts. As the College Fix‘s Alec Torres points out in a current story, Yale University, like other leading institutions, now offers “gender neutral” housing that allows male and females to room together. Just to be clear, we are not talking about co-educational dorms or halls, but rooms. Torres argues that more than anything, this is Yale’s… Continue Reading ››

Is Marriage a “Fundamental” Right?

One of the matters lurking around the Supreme Court’s oral arguments this week is the degree to which marriage is a fundamental right. Gay marriage advocates argue that marriage’s fundamental nature demands that the state has an obligation to extend such a recognition to homosexual couples. Whenever a fundamental right is abridged, a strict scrutiny analysis is conducted and government must provide a compelling interest. If it can do so, it then has to justify that its infringement is both… Continue Reading ››

The Tyranny of Gay Marriage

The Supreme Court’s latest attempt to destroy republican government comes, this week, under the guise of equality. Gay marriage advocates find themselves before the highest Court, seeking to use the bench to achieve what has eluded them politically. To be successful, they will encourage the Court to overturn the past and empower itself at the expense of the people. Prospects for lovers of liberty through self-government appear grim. But first, a bit of background. The actual oral arguments involve Hollingsworth… Continue Reading ››

The Devolution of Abortion Rights

While we are right to focus on the politics of the day, we too often, in our haste, forget our longstanding woes. Abortion is out of vogue in the current political climate, unless it is used as a club against its opponents. While Richard Mourdock and Todd Aiken still bear the scars of mis-statements (let us be gracious and assume this), and their subsequent defeats, a new abortion story is actually earning headlines of a different sort. On trial in… Continue Reading ››

Teen Pregnancy as a Wicked Problem

Policy analysts often refer to multifaceted problems, that are resistant to traditional solutions, as “wicked.” Unwed, teenage pregnancy has grown into one of those. Historically, teenage pregnancy was limited through lack of access and shame. The automobile, the pill, and shifting sexual mores have redefined the phenomenon. Now, we no longer shame unwed, teen moms, we often celebrate them as simply alternative lifestyle choices. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has launched a new advertising campaign targeted at teen mothers and… Continue Reading ››

Nothing Like the Smell of a Filibuster in the Morning

The “Randpage,” as Drudge has named it, continues. Rand Paul has decided to use one of the Senate’s most distinguished techniques, the filibuster, to state his opposition to John Brennan’s nomination, and eventual confirmation, as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Paul’s opposition stems primarily from Brennan’s willingness to allow drone strikes of American citizens, even on American soil, in limited circumstances. The technology is different, and immediate, but the legal system has engaged similar questions in the past. US citizens,… Continue Reading ››

The Most Efficient Penny Ever…

While I am not much of a fan of Joe Scarborough, I think he hits a home run in this clip. Given the amount of work this penny apparently does, my proposal would be that we cut the other 99¢ per dollar and keep this stiff and resilient 1¢. What this highlights is our general disdain for anything resembling true discourse in our political culture. While I might write more on this later, it seems that we are devoid of… Continue Reading ››

Sequestration Nation…

I only wish they had chosen a better name than “sequestration.” How do you write a ditty with that? Regardless, we are all gripped with Sequestration Fever, a malady that often follows on the heels of Debt Ceiling Dropsy and Fiscal Cliff Cough. We are now just a few days from either the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine) or the dawning of a new age of fiscal responsibility. Politico has a nice round-up… Continue Reading ››