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Trumpian Trade Trouble: A Clash with Economic Reality

As I’ve shared before, I am excited by some of Mr. Trump’s economic agenda, and his executive orders even this week on regulation are a great first step toward unleashing the American economy.  When I consider our budget issues going forward, the best way to enable any other necessary change is for faster economic growth.  Yet what he gives with one hand, Mr. Trump threatens with the other in his views on trade. Mr. Trump prefers businessmen to economists, which might… Continue Reading ››

Will Mr. Trump be the Squanderer-in-Chief?

These are difficult days in the Trump administration.  Really? Difficult days in only two weeks on the job?  No Bereans were happy with Mr. Trump’s personal character, and no Bereans were happy with all of his policy prescriptions.  Yet most of us believed that Mrs. Clinton was a worse evil, and all of us thought that at least parts of his agenda could be very positive.  I have focused on the economic impact of his agenda, and while I was… Continue Reading ››

Trumpian Trade, are we going to be “The Winner?!”

I wanted to post on Friday, but somehow I thought I ought to give supporters of Mr. Trump at least a day to enjoy his inauguration before critiquing him as our new president.  So, here we are on Monday morning and we’re now in the brave new world of Trump. His inauguration speech was nationalist to its core, and from an economic perspective, it couldn’t be more wrong-headed.  Mr. Trump is getting increasingly explicit over the ways he wants to… Continue Reading ››

Are all sins the same?

And if not, are there any implications for us in a political economy blog?  Michael Kruger over at The Gospel Coalition asks the question of whether all sins are the same, and answers no.  He notes that both people who take sin serious and those that don’t can come to this conclusion.  For the person who takes sin serious, some Christians use this phrase to uphold the seriousness of sin. It is viewed as a way to remind people not to… Continue Reading ››

Saudi America Wins! OPEC Waves the White Flag!

One of the bright spots in the U.S. economy over the last decade was the incredible technology revolution in the energy sector with hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking.”  The U.S. energy revolution drove the nail through the heart of economic pessimists claiming that we’d hit “peak oil,” and were doomed to run out of cheap fossil fuels. Instead, the fracking revolution happened and the U.S. is now the largest producer of oil and natural gas in the world–yes we’re Saudi America!… Continue Reading ››

Trump goes in for a Carrier Landing, but at what cost?

Mr. Trump is not yet inaugurated, and he is already achieving notable policy success.  This week’s decision by Carrier to keep 1000 jobs in Indiana rather than moving to Mexico is seen as a vindication against Mr. Obama’s “hand’s off” approach to job loss from globalization. In reality, Mr. Trump is repeating the same mistakes as Mr. Obama. Of course its a great victory for the 1000 workers, and I rejoice that the pain that their community felt is assuaged.… Continue Reading ››

Not a racist, sexist, homophobe, but yes I’m a culturalist.

According to the progressive far-left, if you disagree with an African-American president’s policies, it’s because you are a racist. If you believe that–shock–there are differences in males and females beyond body parts, you are a sexist.  So if you are unwilling to vote for Mrs. Clinton, it is probably because you’re a sexist.  If you believe that any sexual behavior outside the God-ordained covenant between one woman and one man is wrong, you are a homophobe or worse.   Obviously… Continue Reading ››

Stock Market Trumpian Euphoria. Is this irrational exuberance?

Yesterday saw all three of the major U.S. stock indexes reach new all time highs, and today the Dow is over 19000 for the first time ever.   The post-election Trump bull continues to run, but for how long? Almost all economic prognosticators expected the market to go down after the election, albeit for different reasons.  Some thought Mr. Trump’s anti-free trade policies would tank the market, while others (including me) thought that the Fed stimulus of the market was… Continue Reading ››

California Dreamin….of secession?

Progressives are continuing their refusal to recognize reality, as protests continued yesterday in major cities.  To be fair, both sides enjoy pointing out they hypocrisy of their opponent’s ideological views.  Yet I can’t help but smile in sadness at the almost infantilization of our progressive youths today.  It was just 8 days ago that we heard the remonstrations towards Mr. Trump and his supporters, that he and they commit to respecting the outcome of the election.  But now that the… Continue Reading ››

Trumpian optimism

Like most of my fellow Bereans, I would wish for a different outcome for president.  Yet I awoke on Wednesday with some political hope for the first time in eight years.  Yes, there are significant dangers, and Mr. Trump will likely provide more embarrassment than usual. But perhaps politics will follow the fundamental rule of finance, that risk equals reward. Considering his economics, I have both lauded and condemned Mr. Trump.  On the laudatory side, he rightly has questioned the… Continue Reading ››