The Inescapable Reality of Economic Tradeoffs: Environmental Econ 101

HT over to Mark Perry @ Carpe Diem a few days ago.  Mark highlights the unintended (but perfectly predictable) consequences of environmental restrictions on new pipeline development in the Northeast part of the United States.  Mr. Perry asks the question:  “Why is LNG coming 4,500 miles to Boston from the Russian Arctic when the US is the world’s No. 1 natural gas producer? In the article, Mr. Perry links to a Boston Globe op-ed which subsequently  picked up on his theme:… Continue Reading ››

When does: “Man Bite Dog”?

“[T]he Mother Teresa of teachers”1, Jocelyn Morffi, was fired on February 8 from her position as first grade teacher at Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic school in Miami Florida because she violated a contract stipulating that teachers must abide by Catholic teachings and traditions. She had several days before married her girlfriend, Natasha Hass. The story was covered by the Washington Post, CBS news, the New York Times, the Miami Herald, NBC news, Time magazine, the Washington Times, among other news… Continue Reading ››

Black Panther is Among the Best Comic Book Films Ever Made

It should not surprise us that a film called Black Panther (directed by Ryan Coogler, and written by Coogler and Joe Robert Cole), has more than a political bent. The comic book character was created in 1966, which was an audacious moment for his debut. Though Stan Lee, a co-creator, has denied any connection between the incipient political movement and his superhero, an African prince with supernatural powers, the coincidence surely shapes how we understand the comic and now, to a… Continue Reading ››

Bereans Partner with Foundation for Economic Education 10-13 July

to educate high school students on the morality of free markets.  Please get the word out to students that you know of that could benefit from this program, 10-13 July right here at Cedarville University.  Each of your Bereans will have a speaking role to show the intersection between a biblical worldview and free markets. We’ll also be joined by Brian Brenberg from The Kings College, Larry Reed, the President of the Foundation for Economic Education, as well as… Continue Reading ››

All economics, all the time

At least in this post…this is a lightening round of some of the issues in the news: Yes the markets are getting whipsawed, even with today’s big move back up.  Not surprising; valuations using conventional metrics (such as the market price to earnings multiple) have been extremely high compared to history.  One can make the claim that we are still in bubble territory with the S&P 500 at an average PE of over 25.  But we’ve also had historically low… Continue Reading ››

Initial thoughts on House Memo

The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) memo on FISA abuse was, as expected, released today.  No matter how you slice it, this is an incredibly troubling memo.  No one can read this memo and say it doesn’t matter.  Either its true, and we have momentous scandal unfolding, or its not true, and the Republicans have fabricated incredible lies to cover up for Mr. Trump, or some combination thereof.  You can (and should) read the memo yourself, and I’m… Continue Reading ››

Trump Trolls for Trouble, but Trade Tricked him!

Ok, I promise I’ll stop quite the # of posts with “TR”, but this is a good counter to the bad news on trade we discussed last week.  On Friday of last week, the U.S. International Trade Commission dealt a blow to Cronyism, Mr. Trump and that largest of corporate cronies, the Boeing Corporation. In a surprise decision, the U.S. International Trade Commission has ruled against aerospace giant Boeing in a bitter trade case it brought against Bombardier over passenger jets its Canadian rival… Continue Reading ››

Our Political Parties Vacillating Position on Free Trade / Populist Anti-Free Trade Is Nothing New

Mary Ann and I are cleaning out our attic. Boxes and boxes of old children’s toys, various and sundry other stuff arranged in no particular order are being sorted and donated to Goodwill or moved to the ever expanding trash pile. This Saturday morning, we were reminiscing over a set of dishes neatly packed away in wrapping paper. Mary Ann was doing more reminiscing, I was examining the wrapping paper. From the Friday, October 31, 2008 edition of the Wall… Continue Reading ››